Vision and Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance


About the Service

Vision insurance covers annual eye examinations and associated costs, including glasses and contacts.

Benefits to employees

Eye examinations, like regular physical exams, are important for identifying and preventing vision-related illnesses.

Why it’s important to offer

Especially if your employees spend hours each day looking at computer screens, it’s crucial to offer vision insurance. In fact, studies show that employers who offer vision benefits can save up to $5.8 billion over four years by encouraging employees to seek preventative care and annual eye exams through their plan. But it gets even better—employers can offer vision insurance at zero cost. In other words, you’re providing a great benefit without damaging your bottom line.

Why our process is the best

Tiny details can make or break quality vision coverage—it’s important to look at the fine print before choosing a plan. When selecting plan options for you, our staff considers waiting periods, annual maximums, and more.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

About the Service

Dental insurance covers dental cleanings, annual exams, and costs of care.

Benefits to employees

Annual dental cleanings are essential and have been shown to lower the chance of heart disease and stroke.

Why it’s important

It’s important to provide your employees with a comprehensive benefits package that addresses all of their health and wellness needs. Offering dental and vision insurance shows employees they are valued and their health is important to you. If you have ever had major dental work done, you are aware of the major price tag that comes with it. With dental insurance coverage, you can help your staff with those expenditures.

Why our process is the best

The marketplace offers seemingly endless options for dental plans. We take the time to wade through multiple carriers and options to find the right dental plan for your team.

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