Human Capital Management

About the Service

Automation will take your business to the next level. It will assist you in eliminating everyday tasks that take a lot of time and reduce your team’s productivity. Financial Designs’ Human Capital Management services help you select the appropriate technology providers to solve your pain points and be proactive with your future needs.

Minimize HR headaches so you can get back to business.

HR Administration
HR Administration: All-in-one and easy to use. Get your HR questions answered quickly by professional advisors.
Onboarding: End-to-end onboarding accomplished in minutes.
Compensation: Payscale insights and easy workforce alignment
Performance Management
Performance Management: Enhanced reviews, goal-setting and more.
Time Scheduling
Time & Scheduling: Advanced tools that seamlessly sync with your existing tech.
People Empowerment

People Empowerment: Build a positive company culture through engagement, wellness, and team collaboration.

Effortless payroll. Get it done quickly and accurately, every time.

Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration: Easy, reliable payroll for all parties involved.


Reporting: General ledgers, labor distributions, pay timelines and more.

Tax Filing

Tax & Filing: Auto filing and withholding to ensure compliance.

Why It's Important

Managing a team is complicated as is. The Financial Designs HCM team will set you up with easy-to-use technology that will assist you in caring for your staff.

Hire and Retain Top Talent: We make onboarding new employees ridiculously easy. On day one, they’re ready to go. It’s also easier to keep them on board when you have sophisticated HR technology like compensation reporting.

Stay Compliant: Our services make compliance simple. We automate many of the compliance tasks and government filings for you. Our built-in safeguards prevent accidental mistakes, while our compliance calendar ensures you never miss an important deadline.

Improve Productivity: Many of our functions, such as self-onboarding, choosing perks, and signing documents, are completed entirely online, allowing your workers to focus on their core tasks instead of unnecessary distractions.

Improve Employee Experience: We don’t just make your HR life better—we improve your employees’ overall experience. We offer everything from a mobile app that streamlines onboarding and requesting time off to a modern experience that lets employees sign up for benefits online.

Reduce Errors: Moving to our completely digital HR platforms will help you avoid the typical mistakes that often come with manual input and paperwork. These errors can seriously impact your business. For example, you might end up overpaying an employee or filing tax forms with the wrong personnel information. No thanks!

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