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Health insurance (also known as medical insurance) protects your employees from paying for medical expenditures if they get sick, are injured, or contract a disease. Individual health insurance plans generally offer less coverage and higher premiums than group health insurance plans.

Why it’s important to offer

There are several advantages to providing health insurance to your staff, including:

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Encourage Employee Wellness: employees feel valued and secure when their businesses provide them with health insurance. It is a simple way to add value to your employment opportunities. Implementing a healthcare program that encourages staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be proactive with preventative care can help them avoid serious sicknesses that affect their ability to work.

Attract and retain top talent for your team: Employees are increasingly looking for health insurance as one of the most essential benefits when looking for new jobs. Offering health insurance will keep current employees happy while also appealing to potential new recruits who may be interested in working for your firm. When a potential employee is deciding where to work, health insurance may be the determining factor.

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Tax advantages: the portion of your employee’s premium that you cover can be deducted from your federal and state taxes. When you provide health insurance to your employees, you’re giving them a benefit that offers enormous value while also allowing you to save money each year by claiming deductions.

In certain situations, you may be required to provide health insurance under current regulations. Businesses with more than 50 full-time employees are required by law to offer health coverage.

Why our process is the best

There are thousands of health insurance plans in the marketplace, and it is important to find one that provides the most value to you and your employees. Before we evaluate carriers and plans, we take time to understand your team’s needs and budget so you can pick the best solution for them. Our goal is to find a cost-effective plan that employees are actually able to use! With the right agency, low deductible plans won’t always come with a high price tag.

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