Concierge Team

Your team is in good hands.

When you become a Financial Designs client, not only do we provide high-quality employee benefits packages to your team, but we also become a support team for your employees.

What is the FD Concierge Team?

The Concierge Team is a distinguished group of insurance specialists who are able to answer your employees’ questions or concerns about their benefits. Our FD Concierge Team sets us apart from the many agencies out there. The best part is that we include our Concierge Team at no additional cost to you!

Claims Team

Our claims team is able to handle pesky claims issues. No more calling 1-800 numbers only to wait on hold for hours.

Common claims issues include:

  • Receiving an incorrect bill
  • Assistance with GAP insurance
  • Medication issues
  • Prior authorization issues

Service Team

Our service team is here to assist your employees with questions and concerns that are unrelated to billing.

Common service issues include:

  • Replacing an insurance ID card
  • Finding an in-network provider

Both the claims and service teams are available to your staff year-round at no additional cost to you. Our Concierge Team keeps insurance headache-free for both you and your team!

About the Service

We have two teams that handle claims and services issues for our clients and their employees. We contact carriers on your behalf to handle billing issues, order new ID cards, and more.

Benefits of the Service

Our Concierge Team saves your employees time by assisting with all claims and service issues. In other words, we take the non-revenue generating tasks off your plate so you can focus on strategies that drive growth.

Your employees won’t want to go through the hassle of calling carriers on their own to spend time on the phone trying to understand bills and policies.

Our staff takes the headache out of these issues and handles them for you. As a client of Financial Designs, our team acts as your health advocate, making sure that your benefits are working for you.

It’s easy to submit a claim or service request online or via phone.

Why having a dedicated Concierge Team is important

We are the only agency that offers this service free of charge for all clients. We know there are thousands of agencies available to you, and this is our way of being a cut above the rest—by providing this time and money-saving service that shows that we truly care about your team.

Why our process is the best

We provide this service automatically when you become a client of Financial Designs. We’ll give you all the contact info you need to get assistance with a services or claims issue.

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Request for Information

Request for Information

Whether you are interested in our employee benefits services or you just want to make sure you aren’t overpaying for your current group insurance, we are ready to answer any questions you have. We look forward to speaking with you!