Improving my health insurance plan

Improving my health insurance plan

How can I save my company and employees money while also improving my health insurance plan? With all the insurance carriers out there and the thousands of health insurance plans available, how do you know you are providing the best value for your company and your employees? Agencies with expertise and specialization in the employee […]

CARES Act Cheat Sheet

CARES Act Cheat Sheet

Provisions are for anyone diagnosed with the virus or for those experiencing “Adverse Financial Consequences as a result of the pandemic. Plan sponsors are told to rely on the employee’s word. Take out as much as $100K for pandemic hardship between Jan. 1- Dec. 31, 2020. 10% early withdrawal penalty is waived. Avoid taxes if […]

PPPL: Paycheck Protection Loan Program

PPPL Paycheck Protection Loan Program

What: The Paycheck Protection Loan Program was put into place on March 27, 2020 to help small businesses ( < 500 employees) cover their payroll costs. Those who are eligible can receive a loan for up to 250% of their average monthly payroll expenses, up to a total of $10 million. The loans are for […]

Announcement to our clients & friends

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We hope that during this time you and your families are staying safe and healthy. We know there have been a lot of questions and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 virus. Due to the economic challenges this has brought, insurance carriers have made adjustments to assist their insureds during these times. As we learn of any […]

What’s the difference between an HMO and a POS?

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One common phrase we hear when meeting with a new prospect is, “I only want POS options.” Granted we always provide our clients what they are looking for, but we have also come to realize the only reason they want POS options is because they have the misconception that they are just better. While there […]

Health Insurance 101

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Premiums = Cost of having insurance Deductible: The amount you have to pay before the insurance kicks in $3,000 Co-insurance: The % of costs you pay after meeting your deductible 20% Co-payments: A fixed amount for a covered service $20: PCP $40: Specialist Out of Pocket Maximum $5,000 Once this is met, all medical services […]

Life Insurance 101

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Apply and get underwritten Get approved and place in force You pay over specified amount of time Death benefit protects your family when you die Used to pay off any liabilities

Corporate Wellness Programs: Where do I start?

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If you are in the healthcare or employee benefits industry, wellness has not only become a trend but an essential part of corporate culture and wellbeing. With the rise of healthcare costs and chronic health conditions, employers are realizing that corporate wellness initiatives benefit both, employers and employees. You know what they say, happy employees, […]